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10 Reasons to Choose Chain Link

Chain link fencing is the most popular type of fence in the world, and with good reason. It's pretty popular in Canada too!

If you were wondering if chain link fencing is the right kind of fence for your home, read this to find out our top ten reasons to choose chain link!

  1.  It's cost effective. Chain link is one of the few fence types you can get installed for under $20 a linear foot, and if you buy materials from us and install your own fence, you can half (or more!) that price!
  2. It's mostly dog proof. A dog can chew through wood or vinyl fence without too much trouble, but chain link is made out of steel, so even the most determined pooch will have some trouble!
  3. It's maintenance free. Whether it's galvanized or coated chain link fencing, once it's installed, there's very little you have to do. No painting or staining, and you won't have to replace rotten boards every few years!
  4. It's readily available. If you buy wood fence, you might have to hire a pro to install it, and they might not be around when you need a repair. If you choose vinyl, you might not be able to get the same colour or profile when your fence needs TLC. Chain link fence has been the same for decades, so you'll always be able to get the parts you need for a repair or addition.
  5. It's relatively easy to install. Because chain link fabric is flexible, it's forgiving. It'll follow a mild to moderate slope, and if your posts aren't spaced exactly right, that's okay too. Other types of fencing require a lot more precision, which means you'll need a pro to install them.
  6. It won't rust any time soon. At least, if you buy a galvanized or galvanized and coated fence from us, it won't. Avoid cheap chain link that might not have adequate coating though!
  7. There are a wide range of gates available, and you can add them any time you like, simply by installing posts and hanging a gate!
  8. It's relatively lightweight, and pretty easy to transport.
  9. If you like your view, it won't get in the way. Perfect if your lot backs onto a green space or park.
  10. But if you prefer privacy, you can always add slats.

We've been in the chain link fence business for many decades, so we might be biased. But we still think chain link is one of the best fence types out there, and we're always happy to supply it to another home owner, and proud to put our name on it.