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10 Ways to Make Chain Link Fence Installation Easier

As far as home improvement projects go, chain link installation is a middle of the road option. It's not as simple as painting, but it's not as complicated as renovating your kitchen.

It will massively improve the look and functionality of your yard though, and a good looking fence is great for property values and curb appeal. So if you're looking to sell (or get your home valued), it's a great investment.

The good news is that there are many things you can do to make chain link fence installation. Here are our top ten.

1. Buy High Quality Materials

Our first tip for chain link fence installation happens before you ever put a spade in the ground is to buy quality fence materials.

Lower quality, cheap imported fence materials might not fit together properly, and there's nothing worse than trying to install a chain link fence with parts that don't work together! High quality materials don't have to be the most expensive either, if you buy from a manufacturer and wholesaler like Rite-Way Fencing.

2. Know Your Fence Lines

If you've already got a fence in place on your property lines, then it should be easy enough to go ahead with your chain link fence installation on the same fence line. However, if this is a new installation, or if there's any doubt about where your fence lines should go, finding your property markers pins is a very good idea. A site plan for your lot should give you a good idea where to look too!

3. The Right Tools for the Job

Chain link fence installation is a lot easier when you have the right tools for the job. Right way carries all the tools you will need, including hog ring pliers, channel lock pliers and fence pullers, so you can get the job done easier.

4. Take Your Fence Down Properly

If you have an existing fence, make sure that you take it down properly, including removing the concrete cores that might already be there. It might be tempting to cut off the posts and leave the concrete in place, but if your new posts happen to fall on the same spot as the existing ones, you're going to have a big headache.

5. Have a Bin On Site

If you're taking down a reasonable length of fence, it's a good idea to consider hiring a commercial waste bin when you do the removal. Yes, you might have a truck, but after the tenth trip to the landfill, you're going to wish you weren't choosing to DIY that part of the job!

6. Get a One Call

Once your fence materials are ordered, your pegs are located and you're getting ready to start your chain link fence installation, make sure you call for a locate. These locates, also called One Call or First Call, depending where you are, will identify any underground cables and gas lines, and make the whole job a lot safer. Not only is this recommended, it's a legal requirement in many cities.

7. Check the Weather

While you're planning your chain link fence installation, make sure you check the weather forecast. You want to avoid any rainy days (particularly thunderstorms, because it's not safe to install steel fences when there's lightning!), and any days that are too hot. Don't install a chain link fence too close to winter either, because if your concrete hasn't had time to set properly before it snows, it might not harden properly.

8. Prep for Concrete Mixing

Concrete mixing is a messy business, but unless you're base plating your chain link fence to an existing concrete pad, it's also a necessary part of chain link fence installation.

Prepare an area for concrete mixing by laying down heavy duty plastic and plywood in the area. You could also use a large tub to mix concrete in. Make sure you check the mixing instructions too! Concrete mixing is an exact science, and you need to get the proportions right!

9. Keep Dogs and Kids Away

Dogs and kids LOVE to get involved in chain link fence installation, but they usually don't help too much, and it can be dangerous for them to be too close to tools and alkaline substances like concrete. Keep your dogs indoors while you work, and send the kids to Grandma for the weekend!

10. Ask the Experts

When you buy chain link fence from a professional fence company like Rite-Way Fencing, you get built in professional advice, and if everything gets a little too much to handle, you always have the option to change your mind and request a professional install.

Chain link fence installation is absolutely within the ability of most DIY enthusiasts but make sure you start right. These tips will help to make sure that you start right and finish strong. for a beautiful, durable chain link fence that will stand the test of time.