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3 Reasons to Choose Black Chain Link Fence

When you make the decision to install a new chain link fence, there are many decisions you will need to make. What height do you want to install? DIY or hire a professional? Another big one is whether or not to choose black chain link fence.

We think that's a great idea, and we've got three of our best reasons right here fore you, to help you make the decision yourself.

1. Additional Corrosion Resistance

In the world of metal treatment, there's a term called "duplex coating." This usually refers to metal that has two different layers of corrosion resistance. In the case of roofing, it may be galvanizing or zincalume, followed by an industrial type of paint system.

In fencing, it usually means powder coating the steel structure, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) coating on the wire and chain link fabric.

Because the substrate of all of our fencing materials is galvanized (with the exception of our rust proof aluminum fittings!), this means that the fence you buy will be more corrosion resistant, and corrosion resistance means a longer life span. So black chain link fence gives you a better return on your investment.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

While we're the first people to promote the versatility, durability and quality of our galvanized chain link fence systems, there's no denying that they do look a little bit industrial, even in a residential setting.

A black chain link fence, however, looks like it was made for residential applications (because it was!), and will enhance the appearance of your home. This is particularly true when paired with high quality privacy slats, that offer you back yard privacy in a matching or contrasting color.

Since our privacy slats are also made out of high quality UV stabilized PVC material, both your black chain link fence and your new privacy slats will give you many, MANY years of trouble free service!

3. Increased Property Value

If your back yard has a ratty old wooden fence that's falling apart in places and patched in other places, you are doing a lot of damage to the potential resale value of your home!

Whether you plan to sell, or you want to get your home valued to access equity financing, investing in a new black chain link fence can transform the look of your back yard, and increase the value of your home. Better still, if you're handy (or you know someone who is!) you can save a bundle on your new fence by choosing to purchase it from RiteWayOnline, and install it yourself!

Whether you self install or ask a professional to do the job for you, we're happy to help you choose the right fence for your home. We have some handy calculators on this site, and we offer a custom take off service if you still need some help figuring out your fencing needs.

So browse the site, drop us a line, and get a new black chain link fence this summer!