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5 Things You Should Know About Vinyl Fence

We don't offer vinyl fence in our online fence store - yet. But we do sell and install it for some of our customers, so we know a lot about it.

If you're thinking about installing vinyl fence at your home, here are some things you should know:

1. Steel Inside

When vinyl fence is installed in Canada, there is still a fair amount of steel involved.

Vinyl fence posts slip over steel posts that are usually pounded into the ground, or sometimes planted in concrete fittings. Plastic collars keep them in place, but the whole fence is still supported with steel.

There are also steel stiffeners installed in some horizontal rails, to make sure that fences stay rigid.

2. Made from Different Materials

There are a huge variety of vinyl fences on the market in Canada. Some are higher quality, with colour all the way through, and they're thicker, UV stabilized and with reinforcing ribs built into the design.

Some, especially imported products from outside of North America, are not as well made, and might only have a colour layer on top, and be made of lower grade plastic. Of course, this will affect the colour over time, and fading will be a problem. 

3. Can Be a Problem In Wind

Some types of vinyl fence are made by companies that specialize in manufacturing wind resistant designs that can withstand a lot of punishment. But not all vinyl fences are. If you live in a high wind area, be sure to ask about the wind rating of the fence, and make sure extra attention is paid to installation!

4. Tougher to Install on Slopes

Before you decide that vinyl fence is the right product for you, make sure you consider the site it will be installed on. Sites with very steep slopes might not be the ideal place to choose a vinyl fence, and you might be better off with chain link fence with slats on those sites, or on the parts of those sites that are very steep.

5. Different Options

Most people are familiar with the traditional vinyl privacy fence you see around most back yards, but there are many other types of vinyl fence out there. From picket fences to ranch rail, with gates, arbors and more all as options. As with any fence, it's worth doing your homework to find out which fence type is best suited to your project.

While we don't offer vinyl fence in our online fence store - yet - we're always happy to discuss your needs, and if it's something one of our branches can assist you with, we'll happily refer you to them too. So if you need any kind of fence, whether you want to buy online or have it installed, get in touch! We love to hear from our customers.