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6 Things You Should Know About Pool Fencing

Canada doesn't have any federal laws specifically about pool fencing, which is a gross oversight, considering how dangerous pools can be. However, most municipalities in Canada do have some sort of regulations about pool safety.

We recommend that you look into local bylaws if there's any doubt about the rules for pool fencing in your city (and remember that they might have changed since you had your pool installed), but there are a few things you should know about pool fencing in general.

1. Drownings Are More Common Than You Think

Every year, in Canada, hundreds of people drown. Many of those drown in lakes, rivers and oceans, but there is a fair proportion of swimming pool drownings, and very often, the victims are young children who wander off and fall into unfenced pools. It only takes a few minutes for someone to drown, and if your pool is not fenced, it is a drowning risk.

In fact, in BC, 24% of drowning deaths occur in swimming pools, but even one is too much.

2. You Are Probably Liable

Even if your city doesn't have bylaws specifically requiring pool fencing around your swimming pool, you are generally liable for the health and safety of people who are on your property by invitation, and if your yard is not properly fenced either, you might also be liable for any child or person who accidentally falls into your swimming pool and suffers any injury as a result of that.

Basically, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that your pool is safe, and if you don't do that, you could find yourself in very hot water.

3. Always Get Consent

If your kids invite their friends around to use your swimming pool this summer, it's a good idea to speak to their parents in person first, and to get their consent. If you can do this by text or email, or in some other recorded format, so much the better!

4. Have Flotation Devices Available

If you are hosting pool parties in your pool this summer, it's a good idea to have a few flotation aids available, and to supervise the swimming personally. Your kids might be responsible, but unless they're also legal adults, you're still responsible for anyone who uses your pool, even if you have parental consent.

5. A Fence Is a Small Investment In Peace of Mind

Investing in a four foot high galvanized chain link fence, particularly if you buy the materials from Rite-Way Online and install it yourself, will probably cost less than a thousand dollars, depending on the size of your pool and the layout of your fence. That fence will keep your kids and pets safe, as well as anyone who visits your home, and will help to insulate you against the legal ramifications of not taking precautions.

6. And It Can Save You On Insurance

A swimming pool increases the value of your home, but because of the liability associated with it, it can also increase your insurance premiums. If you install a secure, lockable fence around your pool, you might be able to offset some of that cost, and lower your monthly premiums.

Whether your city requires it or not, a pool fence is always a good idea, and a chain link fence is a great pool fence option.

It only takes a few minutes for your pool to turn into a deadly danger, and it's just not worth the risk. So if you're ready to install pool fencing, and you want to save, consider buying your pool fencing materials from us, and installing it yourself.