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7 Tools for Fence Installation

The right tool for the job. It's a cliche, like "measure twice, cut once," but it's also true, and it's very true when it comes to installing a fence.

To make things easier for our customers, we've decided to list a few of the tools you will need to install a chain link fence (and most other kinds of fence for that matter!)

String Line

String line (and pegs to tie it to) is one of the simplest yet most important tools you will use when installing a fence. String line helps you to ensure that your fence lines are straight, which makes for a better looking (and better functioning) fence project.

An Auger

While you can dig holes the old fashioned way, with a shovel and some elbow grease, if you have to dig fifty or a hundred holes, you're going to hate it very quickly! An auger, even a small, hand held one, can help to make the job of getting your holes ready a lot easier! If you don't have an auger, and you don't want to buy one, try contacting tool hire stores. Many will have one you can rent for a weekend!

Shovels and a Wheelbarrow

Even if you don't dig your post holes yourself when installing your fence, you will find that shovels and a wheelbarrow are handy. They let you transport the dirt that comes out of the holes away easier, and they come in handy when you want to fill holes with concrete. Buy bags of ready mix concrete too. It's much easier to just add water and mix!

A Level and Plumb Line

A builders level can help you to make sure that posts are straight and top rails are level, and a plumb line can also help you to make sure that everything is perfectly square. A well built fence will be lined up properly, look straight and follow contours gradually, and these tools can help a lot!

Fencing Pliers

There are several types of fencing pliers that you might find useful when installing a fence. Linesman pliers are great for cutting and twisting wire. A heavy duty wire cutter can cut through wires easily, and hog ring pliers are purpose made to install hog rings on bottom wire. You don't want to try it without them!


A Come-a-Long is a special tool that is used to stretch and tighten chain link fence, so that it's taut and looks neat when installed. If you buy one purpose made fence installation tool, this should be it. It'll come in useful if you ever need to replace or tighten up your chain link fence too.

A Ratchet

A ratchet will help you to tighten up all the bolts that you need to install a fence. You could use a cordless driver and the right bit, but a handheld ratchet never runs out of batteries, and it's a lot easier than an old fashioned wrench!

Many other tools can make installing fencing easier. Hammers, mallets, drop sheets, drills, angle grinders and others all have their place in the fence installers tool kit, but most DIY enthusiasts will already have those. If you do, and you add a few of these, you should be all set to install your new fence.