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A Guide to Chain Link Fence Parts

There are two reactions to chain link fence parts. The first, before you've ever even noticed they exist, is to ignore them completely. The second, when you've decided to install your own fence, is mild panic.

While it's true that there are a lot of chain link fence parts that go into every fence though, once you know what they are and what they do, there's nothing to panic about!

Terminal posts - also called end posts, corner posts, main posts and tension posts, these are bigger, thicker and usually longer posts that are installed at the end and at each change of direction along a fence line. They're bigger, because they have to stand up to the tension of the fence.

Dome caps - are preformed post caps that are used to finish off the top of each terminal post, and to keep water out of the pipe. In the Canadian climate, water that gets trapped in fence posts tends to freeze and expand, and that can do serious damage to your fence! Dome caps simply fit over the top of the post, and are very easy to installed.

Tension bands - are preformed strips of metal that fit around tension posts, catching tension bars that pass through the end of chain link mesh, and keeping them in place. They're fastened using carriage bolts.

Brace bands - the other type of band you will find on a tension post. These preformed strips of metal are shorter, and are designed to hold rail ends in place, also using a carriage bolt.

Tension bars - long flat strips of metal that are passed through the end of chain link fabric before it is attached to a tension post using tension bands.

Rail ends - preformed cup shaped chain link fence fittings that fit over the end of top rails on a chain link fence.

Top rails - steel pipes that are installed horizontally along the top of a chain link fence. They support the top of the chain link fabric, and help to keep the fence structure rigid.

Chain link fabric - chain link fabric is a woven fence material, that is made on a big weaving machine - a bit like knitting with wire! It's available in various mesh sizes, made from a variety of wire thicknesses, and in many different heights. You can also purchase it in either plain galvanized finish or PVC coated.

Line posts - line posts are the intermediate fence posts that are installed at about 10 foot centers along each fence line. They're smaller and lighter than terminal posts, but they're also made from steel tubing, and they give the fence structure and rigidity.

Line post tops - these chain link fence fittings are cups that fit over the top of line posts, with a loop built in that is used to integrate the top rail. Top rails are passed through line post tops (also called loop caps.)

Fence ties - there are two types of fence ties on a typical chain link fence. Long ties are used to tie chain link fabric to line posts, and short ties are used to tie fabric to top rails.

Bottom wire - since chain link fabric is flexible, it needs something to keep it taut along the bottom. Bottom wire does just this. Tied to brace bands at tension posts, it's pulled tight, and used to keep fences secure and close to the ground.

Hog rings - are small, pre bent rings that are used to attach chain link fence to bottom wire on your fence.

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