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Everything You Need to Know About Chain Link Fence Slats

Chain link fence is cost effective, lasts a very long time, and is great for keeping kids and dogs in, and unwanted visitors out. But it's not great for privacy. Unless you add chain link fence slats.

In this article, we look at everything you need to know about chain link fence slats, or as they are known in the industry, privacy slats.

You Buy Them By the Bag

Privacy slats, or chain link fence slats are sold in bags, that cover ten linear feet of fencing. So calculating how much you need is very easy. Add up the length of the fence lines you want to install them on, divide by ten, and add a bag or two to make allowances for part sections of fence.

They're Made of UV Stabilized PVC

High quality chain link fence slats are made from UV stabilized PVC plastic. That means that they are fade resistant, and they won't break down over time, when installed in the harsh Canadian elements. Cheaper slats that you might find online probably aren't made from the same thing, and they will literally start to crumble within a few years of installation.

There Are Different Types

Chain link fence slats, or privacy slats as we know them, come in a variety of different types. Bottom lock, lite link, hedge link and fin link are just some of the varieties that Rite Way Fencing carries. They all install slightly differently, and they offer slightly different levels of coverage, but they do the same basic job.

They Come In Many Colors

Chain link fence slats are available in a wide range of colours, from muted and understated black and white to red, blue, green and more. We find that most of our customers choose one of the less bright colour options, usually to ensure that they retain curb appeal for their homes, and don't affect resale potential.

If you're in your forever home, however, and you love blue, red or green, go ahead and install privacy slats that make you happy!

Installing Slats Is EASY!

When it comes to fencing installation, installing privacy slats in chain link fence is probably one of the easiest things you can do. We'd even go so far as to say that it's as easy as falling off a rock.

In fact, many of our customers find that this is a great job to keep bored teenagers out of trouble on the weekend or in the summer!

A Word of Caution

There's one word of caution that we do like to mention to our customers, and that is that chain link fence slats do increase the wind resistance on your chain link fence. While this is not a problem in 99% of cases, if you live in a very high wind area, and you're not entirely sure how well installed your fence is, you might want to consider other options, or discuss your unique situation with us before you invest in privacy slats.