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Get the Lowest Cost Chain Link Fence... Without Compromising Quality

Many homeowners are simply looking to get the lowest cost chain link fence when they need a new fence around their yard. However, the lowest cost chain link fence might not be the best quality product.

We look at reasons why it may not be the best idea to focus on price alone, and how you can get a quality chain link fence while still saving money.

Not All Chain Link Is Created Equal

The first thing you need to know when searching for the lowest cost chain link fence is that not all chain link is created equal. Unscrupulous sellers and contractors often pass off cheaper, lighter weight and poorly made imported products as Canadian quality chain link, but it;s just not the same thing.

Smaller diameters, thinner wall tubing, lighter gauge chain link fabric, cheaper coatings. It all adds up to a chain link fence that may be cheaper on day one, but will cost you significant money in the long term.

Most of the chain link that you buy won't come with a five year material warranty either, like ours does, so if you buy cheap and nasty chain link fencing to save a dollar a foot, you might find yourself paying for it again in a few years time.

Cutting Corners on Installation

The other trick that some unscrupulous chain link companies will use to cut costs is to cut corners on installation. Smaller concrete footings, wider post spacing and many other things can all lead to the lowest cost chain link fence on paper, but in practice, you will probably be out of pocket fixing problems later on. Our contracting division installs fencing to Canadian standards, and offers one year workmanship warranties too, so they'll never do this to our customers.

DIY Is Your Best Option

The truth is, if you want the lowest cost chain link fencing, your best option is to buy a high quality, Canadian made chain link fence product like the one we sell through our Rite-Way Online fence store, and to do the installation yourself.

Our friendly staff are happy to provide you with detailed instructions on how to install your new fence, and with a little work and some basic tools, you can half the cost of your finished chain link fence.

As with anything, buying the lowest cost chain link fence only guarantees that you will save a little today, but in the long run, it might not be a saving at all. So save in the long term by buying a quality product first, and in the short term by cutting labour costs out of the equation, and get the best of both worlds.