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How to Buy Chain Link Fence Supplies Wholesale

If you're like most savvy homeowners, you know that you can save a bundle on most projects by doing them yourself, and residential chain link is no different. The only problem is, to get maximum bang for your buck, you need to buy chain link fence supplies wholesale.

That used to be a problem, but not anymore! In fact, now that Canada's largest fence company sells fence materials online, you can save even more on your new chain link fence! Here's how:

1. Skip the Big Box Stores

Sure, you could search for Home Depot chain link, Rona chain link or Lowes chain link online, and they do sell chain link products, BUT their fence materials typically sell for a lot more than you pay for true chain link at wholesale prices (which we'll be proving in an article next week!) 

Their fence materials are also lower quality than what real fence companies use, and you need to know how to do a fence take off before you can purchase your materials.

2. Buy Local

Unfortunately, when it comes to figuring out how to buy chain link fence supplies wholesale, most people turn to the internet, and since there haven't been many online wholesale chain link suppliers in Canada (until now), that has usually meant buying from the US, or further afield.

Now that Rite-Way Fencing, Canada's largest fence contractor, sells their home grown, locally made fence materials right here, direct to the public, you can save on customs, shipping and exchange rate fluctuations. Buy local, pay local, pick up local!

3. Use Our Chain Link Fence Calculators

We know that most people aren't chain link fence experts, and we don't expect you to spend hours figuring out what you need.

So we've built some easy to use online calculators right into our site, where you can insert some basic information about your site, and get an instant fence take off, based on those parameters. It's not as accurate as a site visit by a chain link estimator, but it will certainly give you less headaches than wandering through the aisles of a store, muttering as you try to figure out the difference between a brace band and a tension band!

4. Get Expert Advice

From how to deal with corners and slopes to the finer points of installing your wholesale chain link fence materials, when you buy from Rite-Way Online, you are buying from fence experts with forty years of experience in the industry, and we're more than happy to share our knowledge! Ask us questions, discuss your needs, or get a quick demo on how to use your new hog ring pliers. We're always happy to help!