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How to Buy Gate Hardware

Chain link fence hardware can be tricky to figure out if it's your first time installing it, and gate hardware is no different.

Although all of the gates we sell on this website come with gate hardware kits included, we do also sell loose fittings, so we thought we'd give you a little more information about how to buy gate hardware.

It's All Bolt On

As with fencing, chain link gates in Canada need to be watertight, so that water doesn't get into the frame. With our freeze and thaw cycles, water can get trapped in the frame and freeze in winter, which can split the frame - even though it's made of galvanized steel!

For that reason, most gate fittings in Canada are designed to bolt on to gate frames, so it's easy to install, even if you choose to DIY!

Know Your Frame Size!

Gate hardware is made specifically for different frame sizes. Some fittings are made for 1 3/8" gate frames, some are made for 1 5/8", and there are commercial and industrial fittings that are even bigger. Make sure that you know what size frame you need to purchase fittings for, so that you buy equipment that fits!

Two Part Hinges

Gate hinges in Canada are usually made in two separate parts. There's a gate frame hinge, that is bolted onto the gate frame, and then there's a gate post hinge, which is bolted onto the gate post. There are also flat backed post hinges that can be attached to wooden posts, if you want to hang a gate on a wooden fence.

Lockable Latches

Most chain link man gates use fork latches, which lift up easily and drop down around the gate post to keep your gate closed. These types of latches do have a small hole in them that can be used to attach a padlock, if you don't use your gate very often and want to keep it securely closed.

There are also lockable drop pins on double swing gates, and a few other locking options for all of the gates we manufacture and supply.


The other benefit of having bolt on hardware for gates in Canada is that the fittings are always adjustable. If your gate starts sagging a little, you can adjust the hinges, or, if it's a wide opening, you can bolt on a gate wheel to keep it up while it's in operation.

Rite-Way Fencing not only supplies a full range of chain link gate hardware, we also manufacture it, right here in Canada. We're always happy to answer your questions, or to recommend the best hardware for your needs.