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How to Finance a Fence

Any kind of home upgrades are a big deal, for many reasons. Not least of which is the balance between your investment and the return it gets you.

Great back yards are ALWAYS a big deals, so no matter where you live, and what kind of fence upgrade you're planning, it's always going to work in your favour. Here are some tips to finance your new fence.

Home Equity

Even if you have no money in the bank (and we're sure you do!), if you've been paying your mortgage for while, you have equity in your home. If you've arranged to be able to access that equity, you can access the money you've already invested in your property, and use it for improvements like a fence.

Line of Credit

A line of credit is another great way to install a new fence around your home. If you're looking for cost effective options, a DIY fence installation option is great for the bottom line. Otherwise, shop around to find the best mix of price, reputation and warranty.

Credit Card

Our online store accepts all major credit cards, so if you're looking to install your new fence as soon as possible, this might be an option.

Save Up

It seems like no one saves up these days, but when you consider that the materials for a fence could cost a lot less than half of the professionally installed option, it's definitely a great option!

Self Install VS Professional Installation


The simple truth is that larger fence companies charge more for labour. It's why we've stopped installing very small residential fences ourselves, and rather choose to sell the materials to customers, and refer them to local installers.

Quality fence materials are available to customers of all sizes, so it's easier than ever to self install, or hire a small local company, while still gaining the cost savings that buying fence materials online offers.

If you want the best of both worlds in residential fencing, contact us. We're happy to help.