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Hopefully, the chain link gate you're going to  install will be a little more effective than the one pictured. Whether it is or isn't though, there are a few things you need to know about how to hang a chain link gate before you dive right in.

Read on for our top tips to get your chain link gate hung perfectly and working right for years to come!

1. Buy the Gate First

Unless you're replacing a gate on existing posts, it's always easier to have the gate and the posts on site at the same time. It just takes any guesswork out of where you need to plant your posts, since you can use the new gate, and it's fittings, as a template to get your spacing exactly right.

2. Or Measure the Opening Size

If you are hanging a gate on existing gate posts, measure the width between the inside edge of the posts (also known as the opening size) and order your gate according to that. While you're at it, be sure to take the measurement at the top and the bottom of the opening, and use a spirit level to make sure it's accurate. Just because your posts look straight doesn't mean they are, and some allowances might need to be made if they aren't.

3. Choose a Level Area of Your Site

If you have any choice about where your new gate will be installed, choose an area that's as level as possible. It is possible to manufacture and install gates that take slopes into account, but that's usually a job best left to the professionals, and if you're installing your fence or hanging your chain link gate yourself, it's a good idea to avoid the trouble.

4. Allow Your Posts to Set

One of the worst things you can do, when hanging a chain link gate, is to hang the gate before the posts are completely set in their concrete footings.

Ideally, you should try to wait a week between planting them in concrete footings, and hanging your gate on them. Concrete may seem hard after a day or so, but it takes a long time to fully harden, and hanging a heavy gate on your posts before they're fully ready will lead to a sagging gate that's hard to use.

5. Use the Fittings

Chain link gate fittings are surprisingly easy to use, and can make up for minor imperfections in your installation skills. Residential chain link fittings simply bolt on, and there is some leeway, so even if your posts are a half inch out of square, the fittings should make up for this type of installation error.

Fittings can also be adjusted over the years, so if you notice your gate is hanging a little off center, you might be able to adjust the fittings to bring it back into easy to use (and mostly square) alignment.


Installing chain link fence is not the easiest thing in the world, but it's entirely possible for most handy people to successfully install a chain link fence themselves.

One of the benefits of buying your fence materials from a professional company like Rite-Way Fencing is that we're always happy to offer advice, and if you do find yourself stuck while installing your chain link fence, you can always ask our team to help out.