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How to Shop for Privacy Slats

If there's just one product that can totally transform a chain link fence, it must be privacy slats. Who knew these little strips of plastic could be so life changing?

But if you're dreaming of a private back yard experience this summer, you'll find the answer to your dreams in our slats store. Read on for more about how to choose your privacy slats:

Fence Height

The first thing you need to know when you're buying privacy slats is the height of the fence you will be installing them in. While you could technically cut slats down to the right height, it will be very time consuming, and if you don't get the cuts exactly right, you could damage the slats or when they're installed they could look all wrong.

Slat Style

There are many different types of slats, from bottom lock slats to lite link, and fin link to the vegetation like hedge link slats. If you are matching an existing type of slat, the best thing is to take a close up picture of the slats you're looking to replace or add to, and send it to us. We can use that image to match your slats if possible, or find the closest alternative if not.

Slat Colour

Privacy slats come in a large variety of colours, but not all of our branches carry all of the available colours. While white and black slats are usually available at most branches, you might need to order other colours in.

Also remember that while high quality privacy slats are made from UV resistant materials, they do still fade a little over time. So even if you order the same colour slats to replace or add to your slat installation, you will probably still find that they aren't an exact match.

How Many Slats Should You Buy?

We sell our privacy slats in bags that cover 10 linear feet each. So the simple way to work out how many you need is to divide the total length of your fence by ten feet and round the answer up.

However, if you ever want to add to your fence, or you ever need to replace a slat or two for whatever reason, it's always good to have a few extra feet around. So we usually recommend that our customers add a bag or two to their total order, so that they can keep a few in their shed or garage.

Privacy slat styles and colours do go in and out of fashion, and if it's a few years between when you install your slats and you need to match them, you might have some trouble.


If you're still not sure what slats you should buy, or how many, or how to install privacy slats, feel free to contact us. We're always happy to answer your questions.