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Rite-Way Fences Vs. Big Box Store Fences

The other day, we did a pricing exercise. We created a 4' high galvanized chain link fence quote through the estimating system on Rite-Way Online. Then we did the same on a big box store site. The results were surprising.

Here's what we discovered about the price, quality and service you can expect when you buy a fence from a big box store, versus what you get when you buy from us.

The Price

We were a little surprised to find that on a 50' section of fence, the price was slightly cheaper from a big box store. Then we looked at the difference in specifications, and we realized that the $25 difference was entirely because the specification being offered by big box stores is not what any reputable fence company in Canada would willingly offer their clients.

The Specifications

Big box stores import cheap fencing materials from manufacturers in Asia. So the first thing that suffers is general quality, and things like galvanizing are often sub par, leading to corrosion problems later on. But even if you ignore these hidden deficiencies, there are some major differences between what you get from a proper fence company like Rite-Way, and what you get from a big box store!

Line posts, for instance, are beyond flimsy when you buy from a hardware supplier. The ones we compared were 1 5/8" tubing, whereas our line posts are 1 7/8". They're stronger, heavier and last longer.

Terminal posts are no different, and where we offer you a 2 3/8" corner and end post for your fence, big box stores are typically selling 1 7/8" diameter posts. The same size we use for our line posts!

Of course, all the fittings are lighter and cheaper too, and so are tubing wall thicknesses, which means that for the minimal difference in cost, you're getting a whole lot less fence!

Expertise and Assistance

On our site, you'll find calculators that will tell you exactly what you need to purchase for your fence project. When you order, we bundle it all up for you, ready for pick up, and while you do that, we'll give you professional fencing tips and tricks to get the best out of your fence. We're available after the sale goes through too, so if you find yourself stuck later on, we're here to help.

Big box stores don't offer that sort of service. While some might have someone who can do an estimate for you (bearing in mind that fence estimating can be tricky, and there are no guarantees), you'd still spend your time wandering the store, gathering parts and trying to work out how they fit together. There's no after sales service either, so once you're out the door, you're on your own!


Perhaps the most important thing about purchasing a high quality, made in Canada fence system from Rite-Way Online is that we offer a warranty that you simply won't get from a big box store. In fact, you'll be lucky if you get a 30 day return window, and that's only if the materials are unused. When you buy from Rite-Way Online, you get our 5 year material warranty. Even after your fence is installed. So for a few dollars more, you're buying convenience, professional quality, experience and expertise and the best warranty out there.

Sounds like a great deal to us!