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Things You Should Know About Wood Fence

Wood fence is undoubtedly one of the most popular types of fencing in Canada. But while it has a lot of great qualities, there are also a few drawbacks to this type of privacy fencing.

Read on to get all the information you need to decide if wood fence is the type you need.

Types of Wood

When it comes to wood fencing, you have lots of options, but if you want a wood fence that will last, your two best options are treated spruce, or cedar. Both of these products will resist insects and stand up well to the elements, but while the spruce product is treated with a chemical, the cedar can be used as is.

Cedar is more expensive than spruce, but it does look great, so if you're not planning to stain or paint your wood fence, it's a great choice.

Fence Design

There are many ways to design a wood fence. You could opt for the classic wood panel fence with horizontal rails, and alternate panel directions so you and your neighbors each have panels of each "type" facing your yard. You could choose a "good neighbor" fence which features panels facing both directions, so that everyone has the same view. Or you could try something different, and use fence boards horizontally to create a modern look.

Prefab or Stick Built

When it comes to the construction of your wood fence, there are two main options: prefabricated panels or stick build or built from scratch.

Prefabricated panels are often cheaper and can be bought "off the shelf" from many big box stores, while stick built or built from scratch takes more skill and time, because it's built from boards. However, while prefabricated panels are hard to install on sloped sites, built from scratch fences can be angled to accommodate site topography.

Painting and Staining

If you're not choosing a cedar fence, then you're probably going to want to paint or stain your fence. Make sure you allow for annual maintenance in your calculations though. Once your fence has been painted or stained, you will need to refresh it every year or two, to keep it looking good.

Alternatives to Wood Fence

If you need a privacy fence, but you aren't sold on wood fence, you do have other options.

Vinyl fence is maintenance free, relatively close in price to wood fence, and looks similar, if you prefer the wood fence aesthetic.

If price is a factor, you can't go wrong with chain link fence and privacy slats, which will last forever and costs about half of what a wood or vinyl fence would cost, even including installation.

Whatever you choose, we'd love to chat about your fence needs, so drop us a line!