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Where to Buy Chain Link Fence By the Foot?

It's a common question, and one that many home owners ask - where can you buy chain link fence by the foot? The answer is simple. Here. But you can also buy so much more here.

Unlike all the big box stores that won't sell you a foot of chain link, or a hand full of fence ties, or a few feet of wire, we're happy to supply whatever fence materials you need, as long as your minimum order is over $20. But we do a whole lot more too.

Small Quantities of Fence Parts

One of the biggest differences, when you buy from Rite-Way Online, is that you're buying direct from the manufacturer. Which means we're happy to sell small quantities of whatever you need to add another small section of fence, or repair your existing chain link fence. We'll sell you a few fittings, a few feet of mesh and a hand full of fence ties, and we'll also sell you one fence post, a bag of concrete and the pliers you need to put it all together. Whatever you need to finish your DIY fence project, we're happy to supply it.

Privacy Slats By the Bag

In addition to being your go to answer to the question of where can you buy chain link fence by the foot, we're also the solution to the question of where to buy privacy slats that you can install yourself. We sell them by the bag, so whether you want ten feet or one hundred, you can get them here.

Portable Dog Runs, Made to Last

Rite-Way Online also supplies portable dog runs, that you can take with when you move, or when you go to the lake, or just move around the yard so your dog gets some shade in the summer, and a sunny spot in the fall. They're made from tough galvanized tubing and high quality chain link, so they're probably the last dog run you will buy for a while... but we're okay with that, because we're proud to put our name on quality dog runs.

Know How and Expertise

The last thing you can get at Rite-Way Online, aside from the answer to the question of where to buy chain link by the foot, or privacy slats by the bag, or dog runs that will last for years to come, is knowledge and expertise.

That's because Rite-Way Online is part of Rite-Way Fencing, Canada's biggest fence company, and we've been installing fences for decades. So whether you need tips on how to install your fence right, or decide you need some professional help after all, when you buy your fencing supplies from our online store, you'll always have a plan b. Oh, and you'll pay less too.