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Why Is My Gate Hanging Skew?

When it comes to questions about gates, one of the most common is why is my gate hanging skew! We hear it a lot, so we decided to answer the question here.

Whether you plan to tackle your gate repair yourself or hire a pro, it's worth knowing some of the common reasons gates might be hanging skew.

A Sloped Site

It might not be obvious to the naked eye that your site has a slight slope, but since gate and fence posts are usually installed plumb, it can make your gate appear to be hanging skew. Use a spirit level to check if your gate is level. If it is, it's the site, not your gate, that's the problem! There are options that can make installing a gate on a sloped site easier, so if you need some tips, get in touch!

Your Posts Have Shifted

There are several reasons why your gate posts might have shifted over time. They might have been installed into looser soil that wasn't compacted before they were placed in position. Or your gate posts might have been subjected to frost heaving, which is very common thanks to the Canadian freeze and thaw cycle! Water in the soil expands when it freezes, and that can push things like gate posts out of position.

It might be possible to adjust your gate hardware to correct the problem, but in severe cases, installing new, longer gate posts might be the best solution.

Your Hardware Needs Adjustment

Most of the gate hardware used on gates in Canada bolts onto the frame and post. This is great for easy installation, but it does mean that things can shift over time. Try adjusting your gate hardware to see if it helps your gate to hand straighter.

Your Gate Is Too Wide or Heavy

In theory, gates could be made to any size, but in reality, the wider a gate is and the heavier it is, the more likely it is to sag over time. There are several ways to address this. You could try using a brace on the post to keep it in place, or add an extra hinge near the top of the gate to help carry the load.

Very heavy gates are also often fitted with a wheel, that carries the load of the gate in the middle, and helps your gate to stay in position, making it easier to use, and keeping your gate post in position.

If you have a gate that is hanging skew, try these solutions first, and if all else fails, take a picture and send it to us. We might be able to help you work out a solution that will work for your situation.