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People buy fences for many reasons. Some want to secure a commercial or industrial property. Some want privacy for their back yard. Many want to keep their kids and pets safe. If you're considering buying a dog fence, you're in the latter category.

Here are a few good reasons why you should definitely buy a dog fence.

Canadian Yards Aren't Predator Proof

Most Canadian back yards aren't predator proof, and every once in a while, we see stories about bear families wandering onto decks or coyotes attacking pets (or kids!) Most dogs don't realize that our predators are a lot bigger and stronger than they are, and that can lead to dangerous situations. While a dog fence won't necessarily stop a bear in a bad mood, it will stop your dog from rushing into harm's way, and that can make all the difference.

Many Plants are Toxic to Dogs

When you landscaped your yard, you probably didn't research the toxicity of the plants that were planted there, but it's a known fact that there are many common garden plants that are toxic or even deadly to dogs. While you can't prevent your dog from eating the plants that he has access to, you can restrict access with a dog fence, and that can make all the difference.

Dogs and Kids: Getting Used to Each Other

When most people think of trouble between dogs and kids, they think of the horror stories, but that's not always the case.

In most cases, dogs and kids can get along just fine... but if your dog is particularly big and bouncy, they might be a little much for younger kids. When your toddler is just finding their feet, even a friendly dog can result in tears! A dog fence lets dogs and kids share the yard, without leading to any unpleasant situations!

Destructive Behaviour and Separation Anxiety

Unfortunately, some dogs will always have a tendency to destroy things. It probably isn't even malicious. It's just SO satisfying to chew up the irrigation system, or eat a deck board. Sometimes, dogs just do this because they're bored, and it's fun.

Other dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which is a behavioural condition that can be treated, but while you're working it out with a dog trainer, it's safer for you and your dog for them to be secure when you're not around.

Clashes In the Pack

Dogs are, like their ancestors, pack animals. In most cases, you are the leader of the pack, but sometimes, the "other" dogs in the pack can't agree on who's next in line. This can lead to fights, particularly when you're not around. If you're experiencing these types of clashes, then it's usually safer to use a dog fence to keep the warring parties apart - especially if you have to go out.

Buying a Dog Fence

Whatever your reasons for wanting a dog fence, you should know that you're not a bad dog owner for choosing the safety of your pets, and sometimes, things like dog fences are exactly what you need to ensure that safety.

Make sure that you buy the right dog fence though.

Many commercially available dog fences are extremely lightweight, and not robust at all. They won't stand up to much punishment at all, and are not intended for anything but short term use, preferably indoors.

If you want a dog fence that will be durable, stand up to occasional chewing, bouncing and other canine punishments, we recommend you invest in a proper chain link dog run. They're portable, made from heavy duty galvanized steel, won't rust easily, and will keep your pups safe when you go out.