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6 Things You Should Know About Chain Link Fence Rolls

If you're looking for chain link fence rolls, you've come to the right place! We sell chain link fence rolls in a variety of heights and finishes. But there are a few things you should know about chain link fence rolls before you buy!

Read on to find out more about the world's most popular fencing material!

1. It's Made On a Giant "Knitting Machine"

Okay, technically it's a very special weaving machine, but it works much the same way. Galvanized or galvanized and plastic coated wire goes into to the machine, and it's carefully woven into the well known diamond pattern.

Because of this, you can "spiral out" individual strands of chain link fence to end a fence line, or "spiral in" strands to extend the roll. There's no other type of fence that's as easy to end or extend!

2. They Come In Standard Lenghts

Chain link fence rolls typically come in two lengths: 50 linear feet for lighter, lower height rolls, and 25 foot lengths for heavier duty, high security versions.

All of the chain link that we supply on this site comes in 50 foot rolls, because this site is for residential fence materials. Unlike big box stores and most other online chain link fence suppliers, we do also offer the option to buy chain link by the foot on this site. So if you only need a few feet, you can save a few dollars.

3. Chain Link Fence Rolls Are Heavy

Chain link fence rolls are made from steel wire, so it's no surprise they're heavy. How heavy? Well, at least five lbs per linear foot, so a full roll will weigh at least 250 lbs. You're definitely going to need some help to get it on your truck, and maneuver it around your yard!

4. Different Aperture Sizes

When it comes to chain link fence rolls, aperture size refers to the size of the "diamond." These can vary, with some as small as 1" square on the market.

Most residential chain link fence rolls, including the ones we sell on this site, are 2" x 2" diamonds.

5. Different Wire Thicknesses

Many people don't realize that chain link fence rolls are made from different types of wire too. Some, like the mesh used on prisons, is what we call 6 gauge. Some suppliers sell a lower quality, lighter grade, less durable product that is 11 gauge.

Our chain link mesh rolls are typically made from 9 gauge wire, which makes them a middle of the road option, that is durable without being overly heavy. We also sell our 9 gauge chain link mesh for a better price than most big box stores sell their lighter 11 gauge product for.

6. It's Flexible

Unlike welded mesh products, chain link fence is flexible. Not only does it cope reasonably well with minor changes in direction, but it can cope with height fluctuations too. It'll hang like a curtain from your fence's top rail in most cases, and it's only in extreme changes in height or gradient that you will have to do some bias cutting at the end of your fence.

Chain link fence rolls, and chain link fences in general, are durable, versatile and relatively easy to work with. We're always happy to answer your chain link related questions though, and we're happy to supply all the materials, tools and equipment you need to install and maintain your own fence.