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Your Fence Install Options

Rite-Way Online is an online fence store, so we don't install fencing ourselves. However, we do have several options for our customers who are looking for a fence installation option.

We've listed some of your fence installation options, as well as the pros and cons of each.

DIY Fence Installation

Homeowners who are looking for the most cost effective fence installation option should definitely consider a DIY fence installation. If you buy your fence materials from a store like ours, you can't beat the cost of this type of installation! We do have a fence building how to on this website, and we also offer tips and advice when you buy from us.

Pros of DIY Installation

- It's cheaper

- You can do the install whenever it suits you

- If you ever need to make changes or repairs, you'll know your way around your fence

Cons of DIY Fence Installation

- If you're not handy, you could find yourself struggling with this option

- You do need to have a few basic tools for this type of installation

- There's no warranty on this type of fence installation, so if you get it wrong, you'll have to fix the problem yourself!

All In Professional Fence Installation

Another option for homeowners looking for fence installation options is the all in professional installation, like the one offered by Rite-Way Fencing.

This is a no headache option where you leave everything up to the pros.

Pros of All In Professional Fence Installation

- Everything is done for you

- You will get a warranty on the installation as well as material

- You're guaranteed a professional result

Cons of All In Professional Fence Installation

- Professional installation costs more than DIY

- You will have to wait to be scheduled for your install

- Many larger fence companies don't offer install on smaller projects

Small Contractor Fence Install

The other option for fence installation is the small contractor install option. In this scenario, homeowners buy their fence materials from a retailer (like our store), but they use a small contractor that they find on a classified site or by word of mouth. They get the benefit of the cost saving on material, and pay less for the installation.

Pros of Small Contractor Fence Install

- Cost savings on materials and labour

- More likely to be able to influence installation schedule

- No need to learn how to install fence

Cons of Small Contractor Fence Install

- Many small contractors don't carry liability insurance or workmen's compensation insurance, so if something goes wrong, there could be trouble!

- While small contractors might offer an installation warranty, there's no guarantee they will be around to honor it


Each of the fence installation options mentioned here has different benefits and drawbacks, so it depends what your priorities are in terms of cost, timing and after sales service. If you'd like to know more, feel free to drop us a line and ask a question!