The Rite-Way Online store is not live at the moment, while we work on final pricing, but it should be shortly.

In the mean time, please feel free to browse for products you need, and contact the branch closest to you to place an order.

We've made estimating your fence as simple as possible, by offering our products in component form, as well as easy to use calculators that will generate your fence parts for you (with the exception of slats and gates, which you still need to add manually.)

If you're comfortable estimating chain link fencing, feel free to place your order by the component, but if you aren't sure what you need, you can use this method to calculate what you need.




1. Count

Thanks to our assembled post prices, it's easy to order the right number of end, corner and gate posts. Simply count the number of ends, corners, single and double gate posts off your drawing, and order accordingly. We'll include all the fittings you need for your fence too!

2. Measure

Mesh, wire, fence ties, hog rings and top rails are all ordered based on the length of your fence, so you will need to know what the total footage of your fence will be. Add up all the fence lines, and mark each individual fence line length on your plan.

3. Divide

To calculate how many top rails you will need, divide each fence line length by 21', and round up. Line post quantities are calculated by dividing each fence line by ten and rounding down. So if your fence line is 55 linear feet, you would need 5 line posts and so on.

4. Add

Finally, add up all the toprails from each fence line, and all the line posts. You should now have a list of all the corner, end and gate posts, top rails, gates, mesh lengths and other quantities needed to order your fence.