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Not sure which components are which in your chain link fence? This chart makes it easy to identify what's what in your fence package, and how it all fits together.

Fence PartsDIY or Calculate?

There are two options when shopping for fencing in our store: you can calculate and choose your own components from the store, or you can use the calculators we have provided to do the hard work for you!

These calculators will work out all the parts you need based on the information you provide, calculate a price, and generate a parts list.

Calculators do not add gates or privacy slats though, so be sure to add those if you need them!

Fence Parts

  1. Dome cap - seal the top of corner posts, end posts and gate posts. They are manufactured from cast aluminum, and they are designed to finish the top of the post off, and keep water out.
  2. Rail end - fit over the end of top rails, and are used to bolt top rails to corner, end and gate posts at the end of a fence line. They are made from cast aluminum, and fit easily over the outside of the top rail tubing.
  3. Brace band - are used at ends, corners and gate posts, to attach top rails to posts using rail ends and carriage bolts. There is one brace band for each direction of fence.
  4. Tension band - are purpose formed metal bands that slip around terminal posts, and hold tension bars in place, with a carriage bolt. The number of tension bands per terminal post is the fence height plus one, in each direction of fence.
  5. Line post top - also known as eye tops, are designed to cap the top of line posts to keep water out, and to serve as a guide and support for top rails.
  6. Fence ties - are pre bent pieces of wire that are used to tie chain link fabric to line posts and top rails.
  7. Gate frame hinge - a bolt on hinge component that fits on the gate post. These are included in our gate kits.
  8. Gate post hinge - a bolt on hinge component that fits on the gate frame. These are included in our gate kits.
  9. Gate fork latch - a simple lift up and drop latch for single chain link gates.
  10. Terminal post - also called end posts, corner posts or tension posts, are larger, heavier posts that are used to tension chain link fabric. They are used at all ends, corners and changes of direction.
  11. Tension bar - are flat steel bars that are passed through the end of chain link mesh and held in place with tension bands.
  12. Top rail - a steel tube that passes through the line post tops, and attaches to end posts with rail ends and brace bands. This rail supports your chain link fabric.
  13. Line post - are "intermediate" fence posts that are spaced at 10 foot centers on fence lines. They're made of lighter tubing than terminal posts, and have fewer fittings.
  14. Bottom wire - Chain link fences are installed with a matching bottom wire. Fence fabric is attached to this bottom wire using hog rings.
  15. Hog ring - pre bent rings that clamp the bottom of your chain link fabric to your bottom wire.