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Galvanized chain link fence, standard

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CAD272.78 each

Based on the information provided, you will require these parts for your fence project. Note that this price does not include gates. Please add any gate units separately.
Galvanized Chain Link Fence, Standard    
Estimate Summary    
Fence Height in Feet 5  
Item Qty Units
2 x 2", 9ga chain link fabric in 50' rolls 1 Rolls
9 ga bottom wire 11 Feet
1 3/8" top rail in 10' sections 1 Pieces
Aluminum hog rings 11 Pieces
Short ties 11 Pieces
1 7/8" diameter galvanized line posts 0 Each
1 7/8" x 1 3/8" diameter aluminum line post tops 0 Pieces
Long ties 0 Pieces
2 3/8" diameter galvanized end posts 2 Each
2 3/8" diameter galvanized corner or strain posts 0 Each
2 3/8" diameter galvanized single gate posts 0 Each
3 1/2" diameter galvanized double gate posts 0 Each
2 3/8" diameter dome caps 2 Pieces
2 3/8" brace bands 2 Pieces
2 3/8" tension bands 8 Pieces
3 1/2" diameter dome caps 0 Pieces
3 1/2" brace bands 0 Pieces
3 1/2" tension bands 0 Pieces
1 3/8" rail ends 2 Pieces
Carriage bolts 10 Pieces
Galvanized tension bars 2 Pieces
  Your Price $272.78
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